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Mosaic Funeral Group

Damages report:
Upon our assessment various defects & damages were noticed over the full roof surface. Should these defects and
damages methods not be attended to further damages may occur.
We found disturbing corrosion levels, faulty repair methods, weathered cladding and roof surfaces. The levels of water penetration and exposure are unacceptable and are constantly causing damage to the structure.

Damages, Defects & Faults Noted:

  1. Lack of & faulty/deteriorated acrylic waterproofing on full roof span causing leaks
  2. Incorrect flashing at intersections of varying cladding profiles
  3. Popped fixations, loose laps & movement on roof span
  4. Lack of flashing’s at head/side walls, apex & eave
  5. L 3 Rust
  6. Scattered L 2 Rust
  7. Aged & compromised roof cladding
  8. Unsealed Concrete flat roof
  9. Weathered & unmaintained smooth surface torch-on


  1. Strip & clean off
  2. Remove incorrect flashing and install new
  3. Pressure testing & new fixations
  4. Install flashing’s to accommodate waterproofing
  5. Isolate and cut out areas that are rusted through
  6. Manually abrade rust to ST 2 with hot wire brush, treat rusted areas with YY 99 corrosion control & coat treated areas with T 555 solvent based oxidized bitumen rust inhibitor and prevent
  7. Board & Torch roof system on top of existing
  8. Repair & prepare surface, apply 4 mm smooth surface Bitumen felt by Gas fusion welding to surface (to match
  9. Implement torch-on maintenance (necessary in order to prolong lifespan of waterproofing system). Apply T750 Seamless bitu-rubber system to all head laps, side laps, parapets, spouts & outlets. Cap any damaged sections with 4 mm soft felt smooth surface torch-on



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