Lavender House

Mosaic Funeral Group
February 27, 2020

Lavender House

Lavender House


Lavender House


Damages report:

Upon our assessment various defects & damages were noticed over the full roof surface. Should these defects & damages methods not be attended to further damages may occur.

Please note:

These specific tests are carried out with the following equipment in order to determine the source of the damages:

  1. Moist Meter MM-360
  2. Metal & Current Detectors
  3. Remote endoscope camera
  4. Thermal imaging camera
  5. Surveillance drone
  6. Lux meter, etc.

Damages, Defects & Faults Noted:

  1. Lack of faulty/deteriorated acrylic waterproofing
  2. Failed coatings (Blistering, chalkiness, corrosion)
  3. Excessive movement on cladding surface
  4. Popped and compromised fixation
  5. Lifting laps on the roof sheeting
  6. Scattered L 1 & 2 corrosion
  7. Unsealed protrusions (Chimney)

The Solution:

  1. Strip and clean off
  2. Pressure wash @ 200 bar, prep, prime & re-coat
  3. Implement pressure testing, Re-torque/replace fixations where necessary
  4. Re-torque/replace fixations with “Tapperman class 3 Timtapp” fixations with Carbon free-bonded poly-washers
  5. Stitch laps and seal with GB 89, UV stable & paintable Polyurethane joint sealant
  6. Manually abrade to ST 2 according to ISO 8501, treat with YY 99 corrosion control system.  Seal all treated areas with suitable etch primer
  7. Caulk and waterproof with 5-layer Seamless Acrylic/liquid rubber waterproofing compound




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