Nombuso Memela

Panorama - Dennehof
Panorama – Dennehof
February 27, 2020
Nico Swanepoel
February 25, 2020

Nombuso Memela

Numbuso Memela

                         ASSESSMENT REPORT

Damages report:

Upon our assessment various defects, damages & faulty repair methods where noticed over the full roof span. Should these defects, damages & faulty repair methods not be attended to, further damages may occur.

Please note:

Tests are carried out with the following equipment in order to determine the source of damages:

  1. Moist Meter MM-360
  2. Metal & Current Detectors
  3. Remote endoscope camera
  4. Thermal imaging camera
  5. Surveillance drone, etc.


  • Strip and dispose all existing faulty or weathered waterproofing
  • Pressure wash the specific roof area at + – 200 bar with powerful degreaser to remove all the chalkiness, debris, moss, flaking and blistering coatings, impurities, etc
  • Treat rusted areas with YY 99 corrosion control system and hydro wash to neutralize the infected rust penetration
  • Seal treated areas with 1 coat Rust Etch Primer in order to prevent spreading of the virus.
  • Pressure testing to all the fixation lines, re-torque or replace problematic fixations over full roof span with Tapperman Class 3, 65 mm roof screws
  • Cap fixations and damaged ribs with 5-layer seamless Mi-Paint premium liquid rubber waterproofing system where necessary.
  • Caulk head / side / parapet walls, lower slope and chimneys with latex based cement mixture as backing to accept waterproofing
  • Open sheeting at eave to expose tilting batten
  • Strip existing faulty / weathered waterproofing and gutter systems where necessary.



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