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February 21, 2020
Waterproofing assesment, Nelspruit
July 23, 2019

Patel Hardware – Malelane

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Patel Hardware


Damages report:

Upon our assessment various defects, damages & faulty repair methods where noticed over the full roof span.
Should these defects, damages & faulty repair methods not be attended to, further damages may occur.

These roofs are in very good condition except for the caulking on the ridge & hip lines which has become brittle and is deteriorating, allowing moisture to penetrate the roof cladding thus exposing your roof structure.  Prolonged exposure will lead to expensive and invasive timber structure repairs or could quite possibly become unsafe.


MPURC Pty Ltd noted the Damages, Defects and Faults were firstly Algae on the roof. Secondly we found broken Tile Replacements (Double Roman -Amatiles) and Brittle Caulking at various places. As well as a Lack of acrylic waterproofing in some areas and Deteriorated Acrylic Waterproofing on other places of the full roof span. Not only did we notice that the valleys were blocked or narrowed, but also found various soft spots. Porous tiles due to thermal shock & algae penetration, Water penetration at chimney parapets




The Solution:

  • Firstly: We should implement is a High Pressure wash with Laser© Cleaner to clean of the algae from the roof tiles.
  • Secondly: Remove and replace broken tiles and remove the ridge or hip lines to re-caulk where needed. We will cut the valleys open and Caulk them with 32.5N and P7J latex additive. Also do the caulking of the side- and head-walls.
  • Thirdly:  Prepare & coat roof surface with suitable roof acrylic by airless spray method. Seal walls with 2 coats Mi-Paints Liquid rubber


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