Reitz Eybers

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February 25, 2020
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February 21, 2020

Reitz Eybers

Reitz Eybers


Damages report:

Upon our assessment various defects, damages & faulty repair methods where noticed over the full roof span.
Should these defects, damages & faulty repair methods not be attended to, further damages may occur.

Please note:

Tests are carried out with the following sophisticated equipment in order to determine the source of damages:

  1. Moist Meter MM-360
  2. Metal & Current Detectors
  3. Remote endoscope camera
  4. Thermal imaging camera
  5. Surveillance drone, etc.


  • Strip faulty waterproofing & high pressure wash roof @ + – 200 bar with added anti algae solutions system to remove all flaking / blistering paint residue, moss, algae, debris, etc.
  • Remove damaged double roman tiles & install new
  • Install new DPC, caulk with latex additive additive & replace & replace existing ridge tiles. Replace damaged tapered ridge tiles.
  • Align & install new roof buddy fascia system
  • Apply Prime & Seal to Roof Buddy System
  • Apply Premium Roof Paint to system
  • Mi-Rubber via airless spray method
  • Apply service coat carbolineum to all exposed timber (single & double eave heights)
  • Install 38 x 50 SA Pine cleat to verge










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