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Metal Roof Restoration

Complete Metal Roof Restoration

Our metal roof restoration consists of the following:

  • Metal Roof Restoration and complete waterproofing on Corrugated & IBR Sheeting (Seamless spray on System)
  • Grind all metal roof sheeting with a grinder and wire brush.
  • Pressure wash roof clean.
  • Removing all old and damage waterproofing.
  • After roof is grinded clean, treat all rust with a potent rust converter.
  • Replace sheets where rust is beyond treating.
  • Apply a metal etch primer coat to roof.
  • Replace any loose and rusty old nails or screws.
  • Install more roof screws and washers.
  • The more roof screws the better, this secures the roof sheeting which will eliminate any movements.
  • Rivet all overlaps and cross laps with a 4mm rivet together, this secure the sheet from moving apart.
  • Seal all roof screws, all overlaps & cross laps, parapets and flashings with stitch bonded polyester and waterproofing compound. (Acryl-Seal)
  • Seal roof ridging metal.
  • Hydro-wash roof.
  • Apply a sealer coat and 2 or more seamless acryl-seal or polyurethane roof paint in the colour of your choice.
  • All products are SABS approved and are highly quality waterproofing and paint products with a   10 year guarantee

Different techniques are used for different surfaces, and as professionals in the roofing business we are equipped with the know how and experience of execution to issue a “guarantee certificate” after completion of the project.