Panorama – Dennehof

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February 27, 2020
Nombuso Memela
February 26, 2020

Panorama – Dennehof

Panorama - Dennehof

Panorama – Dennehof


Damages report:

Upon our “Destructive assessment” of the corrugated roof surface and other areas, various disturbing defects, damages & faulty repair methods where noticed. Should these defects not be attended to, further damages will occur.

Another disturbing finding was the condition of PVC piping in the Ducts and the lack of maintenance thereof as well as the extent of structural cracking and water penetration into the structure.

Damages, Defects & Faults Noted:

  1. Lack of & faulty/deteriorated acrylic waterproofing
  2. Failed coatings (Blistering, chalkiness, corrosion)
  3. Excessive movement on cladding surface
  4. Popped &/compromised fixation
  5. Lifting laps on roof sheeting
  6. Scattered L 1 & 2 corrosion
  7. Rotten/weathered timber structure
  8. Blocked gutters
  9. Unsealed protrusions
  10. Coating failure
  11. Lack/complete absence of maintenance


  1. Strip & clean off
  2. High pressure wash @200 bar, prep, prime & re-coat
  3. Implement pressure testing, Re-torque/replace fixations where necessary
  4. Replace fixations with “Tapperman class 3 Timtapp” fixations with Carbon free-bonded poly-washers
  5. Stitch laps and seal with GB 89, UV stable & paintable Polyurethane joint sealant
  6. Manually abrade to ST 2 according to ISO 8501, treat with YY 99 corrosion control system.  Seal treated areas with suitable etch primer
  7. Double back-reinforce/replace timber where necessary
  8. Strip , clean and seal all laps/bends
  9. Caulk and waterproof with 5-layer Seamless Acrylic/liquid rubber waterproofing compound
  10. Apply 2 coats Sutherland roof acrylic over full roof span
  11. Design, compile & implement long term maintenance plan.




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