Richard Bennet

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February 21, 2020
Patel Hardware – Malelane
February 6, 2020

Richard Bennet

Richard Bennet


Damages report:

Upon our assessment various defects, damages & faulty repair methods where noticed over the full roof span. Should these defects, damages & faulty repair methods not be attended to, further damages may occur.

Please note:

Tests are carried out with the following sophisticated equipment in order to determine the source of damages:

  1. Moist Meter MM-360
  2. Metal & Current Detectors
  3. Remote endoscope camera
  4. Thermal imaging camera
  5. Surveillance drone, etc.

Roof Area:             Single eave “Broken” ridge & Hip with a ”Monitor” feature

Main roof Profile:           Double “S”/Double Roman “+” & Tapered Ridge tile (Round)

Support structure:           Rafter:       114 x 38 mm @ 1000 mm spacing (Center to center)

Support battens:   38 x 38(50 mm tilting batten) @320 mm spacing (Center to center)

Fascia system:                   200 x 80 x 6 mm Nutec Fascia system to rake verges

225 x 10 mm Barge boards to eaves, Coated

Rainwater system:          Ogee profile, Domestic




Damages, Defects & Faults Noted:

  1. Broken roof tiles causing water penetration points
  2. Brittle Caulking on back, head & sidewalls
  3. Damaged fascia system
  4. High concentration of algae
  5. Porous tiles due to thermal shock & algae penetration
  6. Overhanging brush
  7. Unsealed exposed timber
  8. Brittle, cracking & disintegrating Ridge/hip Caulking
  9. Narrowing & blocking of Valleys
  10. Brittle Caulking
  11. Lack of/Faulty/Deteriorated Acrylic Waterproofing
  12. Water penetration at chimney parapets
  13. Weathered exposed timber
  1. Remove & Replace Broken Tiles
  2. Flash/Caulk & 5-layer Seamless Acrylic/Liquid rubber waterproofing
  3. Remove & replace.  Prep & coat
  4. High Pressure wash with Laser© Cleaner +-200 bar
  5. Prepare & coat roof surface with suitable roof acrylic via airless spray method
  6. Implement brush control
  7. Treat timber with 2 coats Carbolineum
  8. Remove Ridge/Hip lines, install new DPC underlay & re-caulk with added latex for adhesion and flexibility properties.
  9. Cut open & Caulk valleys with 32.5N & P7J latex additive
  10. Prep & patch where necessary
  11. Strip / Apply 5 Layer F835 System on ridge lines
  12. Seal walls with P8J Elastocrete
  13. Apply service coat Carbolineum to all exposed


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